We’ve been hit by the first summer heatwave! It seems that summer is finally here and with it come all the good things that make it our favourite season (well, at least until Christmas gets here).

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to love summer:

1. Pimm’s - One of the best British inventions without a doubt! Say good-bye to your plain glass of wine and say hello to this refreshing drink that will keep you buzzing through a warm summer day. Here’s a recipe so you can make your own.

2. Water fountains – they seem to pop up everywhere during the summer. Kids will immediately make a run for it, and watching them is part of the fun, but some of our best summer memories include throwing caution to the wind and running through the fountains at Somerset House.

3. Music festivals - Whether you are into indie-rock, cheesy pop, techno, or even jazz, there will surely be a music festival to cater to your taste. Stay the night, camp, get muddy feet, or choose to go for one day only. Get on the rides, sing along to your favourite bands, get lost in the crowd, lose all your friends in the mosh pit, make new ones, get flashback the next day of how amazing it all was.

4. Summer wardrobe – You can finally take out that sundress, hat, and pair of shorts that had been in a corner of your drawer, and your flip-flops. Plus, there is always some crazy trend making the rounds. Last year: gladiator sandals and playsuits. This year: long skirts and maxi dresses. For the men, keep it simple. That means no Hawaiian shirts.


5. Picnics - If you’ve been reading our posts you know we’re big fans of picnics, and summer is the best time to do this. Whether it’s a quick mini-picnic on the nearest park during your lunch break, or a grandiose one that lasts all day during the weekend, there’s nothing better than having the luxury of eating al fresco.

6. Outdoor cinemas - Because they always play classics, make you feel like you’re in the past, and make for a perfect date. This year there is a new company in town doing outdoor cinemas in London and certain parts of the UK. Nomad Cinema will have not only movies but all sorts of entertainment for an unforgettable evening.

7. Ice cream - Not that we need an excuse to enjoy this one, but it’s particularly more enjoyable when walking down the street in 28 degree heat…

8. Swimming - In the ocean, if you’re lucky enough to live near a beach or otherwise there are many outdoor swimming pools across the UK.

9. Going on holiday - This is the perfect time to go on holiday with family, friends and/or your significant other. Whether you go hiking, to the beach, or simply want to explore a new city, summer is one of the easiest seasons to travel, but beware of avoiding overly touristy destinations as these will surely be very crowded during the summer as it is high season. Of course, you must know that right now we are having a SUMMER SALE, so hurry, it ends on Friday!

10. Seeing more of your family and friends – For whatever reason, we see people less during the winter months. Call it hibernating, January blues, or simply a natural hermit-like behaviour. It all ends with the sun though, when everyone wants to be outside and around each other, because summer is enjoyed best with good company.